Playstation 2 Games
 Available: Yes   Grade: A+
Finally, a Simpsons video game that fans can be proud of. Based on Grand Theft Auto, The Simpsons: Hit And Run is a mission-based game comprising of both driving and on-foot tasks. Players run/drive through Springfield as various characters, exploring buildings and sights seen in the show while completing the missions. Teriffic graphics, awesome sound including voice acting and just all around really fun!

 Also Available For: PC/CD ROM , Nintendo Gamecube, Microsoft Xbox 

 Available: Yes   Grade: A-
Crazy Taxi comes to Springfield. Arguably the most successful Simpsons game until Hit & Run burst onto the scene, Road Rage combines renowned Simpsons wit and humor with hot racing action. Choose from one of 25 characters and explore the streets of Springfield as if you were there, picking up characters and dropping them off at their required destination. This game was later the inspiration for Hit And Run.

 Also Available For: Nintendo Gamecube, Microsoft Xbox 

 Available: Rare   Grade: C-
The Annual Skate Tour has arrived in Springfield. The town has gone skate crazy on the half-pipes, ramps and rails. You can choose from various characters. Bart, Homer, Krusty and more. If you think all my reviews are too negative, here's what one reviewer had to say. "Not fun, not funny. Thus, this game fails on both levels -- Simpsons as well as skateboarding" But lets face it, this game deserves such treatment.

Sony Playstation 1 Games
 Available: Rare   Grade: C-
Residents of Springfield are out to tell each other who is boss. Simpsons Wrestling sees various characters from the show pit into a boxing ring to wrestle, WWF style. Visuals are the best seen up till now (not including next gen games) but the game lacks replay value. Simpsons fans should be blamed for the creation of this game. Requests to see who would win in a fight between X and Y were no doubt inspiration behind the game.

Nintendo / Sega Console Games
 Available: No   Grade: A   Download Now (SNES Emulator Required)
This game is the best in terms of quality and replay value for its time. There are six levels, all of these including more than one round. The levels include Dino Bart, Baby Bart, Pig Bart, and Mount Splashmore. It has nice graphics and as a whole the game is fun to play, but lets face it, without the Simpsons branding this game wouldn't have seen the light of day and you'd hate it. SNES version is nicer than the Genesis one.

 Available: No   Grade: B+   Download Now (SNES Emulator Required)
You are Krusty, and you need to lead the mice into Bart or Homer's mouse smashing machine using blocks as obsticles. This game was definitely inspired by the classic Lemmings games which involved directing a series of creatures to a finish line without getting hurt. Exactly the same goal as the Game Boy version, but in colour, therefore, this one is better in the graphics area as well as gameplay.

 Available: No   Grade: B   Download Now (Genesis Emulator Required)
Pretty fun game, in fact, probably one of the best behind Virtual Bart. The game creates it's own realism, because after all, it is 'Bart's Nightmare'. But at the same time this means the game takes place in a different world to The Simpsons, so the game can get away with anything using Bart as the character in control. The first level shows Bart walking down a street, jumping over letters, spitting seeds etc. Nice graphics for it's era. Give it a whirl.

 Available: No   Grade: C-   Download Now (Genesis Emulator Required)
You are Itchy, and your mission is to kill Scratchy of course. Use weapons, avoid tar pits, etc. Nice graphics. Shame about the game though. It runs way too fast and you can't keep up with what's happening on the screen. Had the potential to be good, but feels like it was rushed. Makes you wonder why they even bothered. I know once I played it I had nothing enticing me to come back for a second shot.

 Available: No   Grade: C+   Download Now (Genesis Emulator Required)
One of the first Simpsons games, well, the first I ever played that is. Fairly enjoyable and fun missions in each level. In the first level, you must get rid of every purple object in sight, by spraypainting it, or throwing weapons at it. The second level involves collecting hats in a shopping mall. An enjoyable game which also appeared on PC, Game Gear, and the Commodore 64, which was where I first played it.

Nintendo Entertainment System Games
 Available: No   Grade: C   Download Now (NES Emulator Required)
Pretty ordinary game. In this one, you have to complete mini puzzles and an adventure game. Some of the puzzles include 'sliding puzzle', 'memory card game', and Simpsons trivia. The bulk of the game lies in the adventure mode which I didn't want to dive into due to the dullness of the NES color palette which brings the feeling of the game down. Too dark and drab, but I guess the games are fun for time wasting.

 Available: No   Grade: D   Download Now (NES Emulator Required)
Nintendo's limited capabilities in the graphics department let this game down. The levels are too dull. This game is just your simple, everyday platform game with Bartman in it. Which makes me wonder with the whole world of Simpsons to choose from, they churn out a game starring two rarely-seen fictional characters. Nothing original or even exciting, suffers from same annoyances as most of the Game Boy games.

 Available: Here!  Grade: C  Download Now
The game was made in 1991, so the graphics aren't very good. The game starts, and Smithers kidnaps Maggie (why?). You explore the levels using your only method of attack (punching) and the game continues in this style. Considered a classic for early fans of the show. Also playable at arcades.

Arcade Games
 Available: No   Grade: Haven't Played
This bowling game can have up to four players. Each player can choose to be one of 8 characters. This game has cartoon dialogue and commentary where each player character either ridicules or compliments another player character between turns. Was planned for PS2 but wont be released on home consoles.

Game Boy Advance
 Available: No   Grade: A-  Download Now
This is a downsized port of the console version of the same name. The game sees you take on the role of a taxi driving Simpsons character. Features four modes of play including head to head and road rage mode. This fast paced game provides hours of fun unlike those released in the past.

Game Boy Color
 Available: No   Grade: C  Download Now
One of the newer Simpsons games, but certainly not the best. The game does little to improve the mediocrity of other Simpsons games despite being released 12+ years after the first. This one is Treehouse Of Horror themed. Nothing outstanding but then that's becoming expected.

Game Boy
 Available: No   Grade: A-  Download Now
This game is a lot of fun, and is probably one of the most original ideas. You play as Scratchy. You are given a golf stick, and a ball, and you collect weapons on the way. These weapons are used to defeat Itchy. Get the ball into the hole at the end and you're a winner.

 Available: No   Grade: D  Download Now
You play as Bart and you will need to escape from Camp Deadly. Sound fun? It's not. In fact, it succeeds in being one of the most annoying games I've ever played. The most amusing feature is hitting Lisa with your weapons.. but that isn't enough to warrant a purchase.

 Available: No   Grade: C-  Download Now
Another stinker of a game. Your aim as Bart is beat "the juggernauts" at mini games, all of which are boring, very repetitive, and have little replay value. While we don't know who or what a juggernaut is, we're sure they dont appreciate being in such a monstrosity of a game.

 Available: No   Grade: B  Download Now
This is a fairly decent Lemmings- inspired game. You play the role of Krusty, and you need to lead mice into Bart or Homers smashing machine using blocks and other obstacles. Quite fun compared to these other games, though the Super Nintendo version is more enjoyable.

 Available: No   Grade: F  Download Now
The storyline is a re-creation of Jack and the Beanstalk. What were they thinking? The game has a fairly high difficulty level and lack of continues amounts to serious frustration. The game designers are trying but failing on all accounts. If you're given the opportunity, don't play this.


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