September 25, 2009

With Season 21 beginning this Sunday night, it seemed like it was about time for an update!

To begin with, we've completed the Season 20 Framegrabs. All of the LABF episodes are there, in their new widescreen format for you to have a look at. 13 episodes were added today, or 2340 total grabs if you're counting.

An update to the Episode Guide was needed. You'll now find complete synopsis for every episode that has aired to date. Also updated today is the Promo Images page, with ten new Season 20 episodes and two for Season 21's Homer The Whopper and Treehouse Of Horror XX.

You'll also find the Merchandise page updated with 2010 calendar details as well as the recently released Season 12 DVD.

January 1, 2009

Welcome to another year of Last Exit To Springfield. We hope you've had an exciting festive season and an even better 2009.

Our Wallpaper section has been updated to accommodate for widescreen monitors. Two new wallpapers for larger resolutions are currently available, including the one pictured above.

The rest of todays update is about playing catch-up. First up we have 1520 new Framegrabs from every Season 20 episode thus far. There's about 190 grabs from the 8 episodes.

The Episode Guide has been updated with a new Season 20 page which includes all the details of the aired episodes and titles of upcoming ones. Seven new Promo Images have also been added to get that section up to date.

December 1, 2008

Our Christmas Special is back again for another year. Our annual special brings you 20 festive Simpsons wallpapers for your desktop! Plus there's quick links to all the Christmas related content found around the site. Spread the word, spread the cheer, Happy Holidays!

August 13, 2008

You've been sending me requests for Framegrabs from individual episodes, I've gone one step further. Today, Framegrabs from every single episode are now available here at Last Exit To Springfield.

A grand total of 31,730 images from 167 episodes have been put up today, effectively completing the entire archive of Framegrabs, so I'll only ever have to update it for the latest episodes. At the time of writing this, we're the only known English site offering Framegrabs from every episode, so look no further than in future! Episodes added today are marked with a 'New' image on the Framegrabs page.

The Merchandise section has also been updated today, since the box art for Season 11 on DVD has been revealed (seen above). You can preorder it straight from our website.

June 25, 2008

Eleven Years Of LETS
Hey gang, it's good to see you again. In our brief hiatus, we quietly celebrated our 11-year milestone on March 17. Thanks to all visitors past and present.

A lot of housekeeping today. The site nav has been restructured. 'Interactivity' is now 'Other Stuff', which in turn becomes 'The Website'. Dead links to now-defunct contests, and un-needed ones like No Homers and 'Season 19' were removed, while others were merely repositioned. Hope you can find everything!

We've got new content for you, too. Nine new Promo Images were added to finish off Season 19. Likewise, the Episode Guide has been updated to give details on anything that aired this year, meaning completion of the Season 19 page. The Merchandise page has been updated to reflect latest DVDs and Calendars. Additionally, the Simpsons Movie page now contains a synopsis and DVD/Soundtrack details.

7200 Framegrabs have been added today. There's 200 each, from 36 episodes, completing season 19, as well as classic seasons 2 and 3. This includes grabs from the latest episode, All About Lisa.

December 29, 2007
2008Hi visitors. 2007 wasnt our most active year, I know. For me it was a year to reflect on ten years of owning a website, from the goodness of my heart, without a break. In 2008, we'll still be here, and hopefully minus the 5 month decay. The break has caused a change on the site though, and for the site to remain online I've had to make this sacrifice. Read all about it in the Cryptic Quote, Lost And Found, and Grabmatch sections.

To the positives: today I have a real update. First of all, thanks again for making the Christmas Special a success. It clocked close to 7000 wallpaper downloads in 28 days. Next up, the Episode Guide has been completely updated, catching up with every Season 19 episode to date. Season 19 has also been added to the navigation. Likewise, the Promo Images page has been updated with the 9 images released by Fox so far.

Framegrabs for all nine Season 19 episodes are online including the latest, Eternal Moonshine Of The Simpson Mind. And for a real treat, Framegrabs from every single episode of one of my favorites, Season 6, have been added today. Every episode. 5940 grabs from 33 episodes have been added today. Thanks for stopping by, see you next time!

December 1, 2007

Our Christmas Special is back again for another year. With two new wallpapers added this year we're at the grand total of 20! Plus there's quick links to all the Christmas related content you can always find around the site. Spread the word, spread the cheer, Happy Holidays!

July 26, 2007

The Simpsons Movie
In Cinemas Now!

It's the moment you've all been waiting for. The Simpsons Movie has been unleashed to some parts of the world and we're sure you've got your tickets lined up to be one of the first to see it.

Our Simpsons Movie page should hold your attention until you're lucky enough to see it, after which we'd like to invite you to share your honest opinions on the movie with other fans at the No Homers Club. So buy your ticket, sit back and enjoy the show.

June 26, 2007

One Month Til The Simpsons Movie!
The Simpsons Movie hits the screens a month from today, so in preparation, one new movie poster and the latest two movie trailers have been added to our Movie section. Not too long, now!

Season 18 is over, but we've still got some catching up to do. 360 Framegrabs from the last two episodes 24 Minutes and You Kent Always Say What You Want are now online. There's been some downtime on the download server recently and the Grabs have been inaccessible but hopefully it's all fixed. In addition, the Episode Guide is now up to date with descriptions on all 400 episodes of the show.

It's about that time. For the first time since the new design launch, our contests have been updated with new puzzles for you to solve. Cryptic Quote, Lost And Found, and Grabmatch are all up to date and covered until the end of August. Please remember not to submit your answers more than once throughout the month, the standings are updated when the next contest is announced and you wont miss out!

Thats all! Stay tuned to the right column for the latest on the movie.

May 19, 2007

Happy 400 Episodes, The Simpsons!
The Simpsons turns 400 episodes old tomorrow night with a double episode. Congratulations on the huge milestone! The Promos page has been updated with some 400th episode images.

And with that, our attention is drawn from Season 18 straight onto The Simpsons Movie, which is the next brand new Simpsons material we'll see until September. Although I only launched it last month, today I've redesigned the Simpsons Movie page, and with it, added 7 movie posters and 9 movie promos. These are also now clickable for a larger view which I missed out on before.

Eight episodes worth of Framegrabs are now online today, thereby completing Season 17 and catching up with all the latest on Season 18. There's 1440 grabs in total, from Girls Just Wanna Have Sums, Regarding Margie, The Monkey Suit, Marge & Homer Turn A Couple Play, Marge Gamer, Boys Of Bummer, Crook & Ladder, Stop Or My Dog Will Shoot.

The Episode Guide has been updated with descriptions for the last four new episodes now online. And that'll just about do it for now!

April 21, 2007

Framegrabs And More Framegrabs!
Today I'm making up for lost time by bringing the Framegrabs section up to date for this season's episodes, because from here on in I hope to bring you both Framegrabs and Episode Descriptions on the week the episode airs while continuing to fill missing episodes from past seasons.

Framegrabs for the episodes Treehouse Of Horror XVII, G.I.D'oh!, Moe 'N' A Lisa, Ice Cream Of Margie, The Haw-Hawed Couple, Kill Gil (Vol 1 & 2), The Wife Aquatic, Revenge Is A Dish Best Served 3 Times, Little Big Girl, Springfield Up, Yokel Chords, Rome-Old & Juli-Eh, and Homerazzi are now online. That's a total of 2480 framegrabs today.

Second of all, I'd like to extend my thanks to all those who have left their comments on the new design. The response has been overwhelming and I'm glad you like the changes. As for updates, yes, they're going to return (this is one of them, isnt it!). The absence of an iframe on this box will only allow you to view the latest update, but all previous updates will now be archived by clicking the button below. See you soon!

April 14, 2007

10 yearsLast Exit To Springfield v11 Launch Today!
Welcome back! To celebrate our ten year milestone last month, I'm finally ready to unveil the new look website to you. Straight away you'll notice the change, and while you might not find it as drastic a change as expected, once you explore the depths of the site you'll see why this has been a year in the making.

Each page has been given special attention, expanded and updated with new content. The Episode Guide, Merchandise, and Promos pages have been done from scratch, with major cosmetic enhancements on every other page. Our front page brings you the latest updates as well as the news, so there's always something new to read when you visit. The news column will double as a way of informing you of new episodes, promo card, and movie updates, replacing the need for the schedule box.

Speaking of the movie, new section "The Simpsons Movie" has been launched to guide you through this important event in the show's history, while Ask An Expert has been archived for quick facts if you're a newbie. Contests have a brand new look, and even our long-standing java games have increased in difficulty. I could explain all the changes, but the best way is for you to work through the nav, starting at Ascii Art and finishing at Support Us to see for yourself.

Please spend time viewing all the changes and feel free to comment either via Email or the No Homers Club.