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July 28, 2002
The kids are cranking out the sites..

- Maggie makes three
- Maggie makes four
- Senor ding-dong. Solid tribute
- Frank Grimes has a posse
- Sherri & Terri. Nice page called "Duplication"
- Ralph Wiggum again
- Lyle Lanley. My favorite one-timer


Didn't quite make this months cut:

from: Zero Net
subj: Submitting to da tree
Hey i own a Bart Simpson site. i was wondering if i could be a member of the tree? thank you.

Woah there, Phattymcphats. Your site serves as a valuable resource for marijuana and paintball, but I see no Bart.

subj: (no subject)
could u make a new charecter

Refuse ;(

old updates

if your gonna hit mrs. lugs, use protectionevergreenterra02updated when he says so

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ha ha ha, that is funny

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