Edna: What happened to my little class coward?
Milhouse: What do you care, Mrs. Krabappel. Or should I say Mrs. Crab-Apple! Hahaha.
Kearney: Crab apple?
Jimbo: I never thought of that
Girl: It toally works.
Dolph: Oh how could I have been so blind.

Milhouse: Then let's just say I don't care what people think of me anymore.
Bart: You mean up until now you did care? Then why did you wear that tutu to school last week.
Milhouse: What about all the times I didn't wear a tutu. Nobody ever brings those up.

Milhouse: Those Cap City kids don't think I'm cool anymore. We were having a sleepover and a robber came and wet my bed. Then he folded the bed back into the couch and disappeared into the night.
Bart: Hey Milhouse, how's the Lemonade business?
Milhouse: It's clearly booming, Bart!
Lisa: I don't even want any, I just bought a pity glass.
Milhouse: Stop wearing your backpack over one shoulder, we invented that, copycats!
Milhouse #2: Aaah, you copied us!
Milhouse: Step over this line and say that.. I'll kick your butt!.... at Nintendo
Shelby: No time to check it out now, we've got Lemonade to sell!
Milhouse #2: Haha, radical.
Bart: They're getting rich of us!
Milhouse: And that kid with the backpack said "radical"! I say "radical"! That's my thing that I say!
Milhouse: Is this the untimely end of Milhouse?
Milhouse #2: But Milhouse is my name!
Milhouse: But I thought I was the only one!?
Milhouse #2: A pain I know all too well...
Milhouse: So this is what it feels like... when doves cry!
Milhouse: School's out! Up yours Krabappel!
Edna: Well I'm glad the rest of you remembered that summer vacation starts at the end of the day, not the beginning.
Milhouse: Hey Bart. Lisa's skateboarding with some cool kids. And she looks like Blossom.
Bart: Lisa... with people!? If they're impressed by her, I'm going to Bart their world. Okay Milhouse, you know the drill.
Milhouse: Right, you go over and wow them, I'll hide in the shrubs!
Milhouse: How did it go? Are we down with them?
Bart: No. They must have seen you!
Milhouse: I'm wearing my bathing suit under my pants.
Greta: Umm, you wanna go swimming?
Milhouse: Okay, but you'll have to watch me dive.
Greta: Fine..
Milhouse: Do you promise?
Bart: Just go!
Milhouse: :runs for pool, laughing:
Bart: Oh, he'll sleep tonight.
Bart: This is the biggest thing that's happened to me since chocolate milk!
Milhouse: They've got chocolate milk now?!
Bart: Milhouse... Greta!? Well no one has to draw me a picture.
Milhouse: Oh, but I did :hands Bart picture:
Bart: Greta, is this how it is?
Greta: Yes, except he kissed me in the eye.
Milhouse: She's with the 'house, now!
Milhouse: You're breaking up with me? Why?
Greta: I guess I was just looking for someone more... masculine.
Milhouse: I told you, I don't know how that scrunchee got in my hair.
Bart: Milhouse, do you have your change purse?
Milhouse: Always!
Bart: Do you know what this means?
Milhouse: Yeah, but you say it first
Bart: We can do anything we want!
Milhouse: Lets get really far ahead on our homework! Wait till the other kids see we're already on the RED unit of Adventures In Reading.
Milhouse: I'm gonna play naked basketball!
Bart: No! You're not.
Bart: Well if your souls real where is it?
Milhouse: It's kinda in here... and when you sneeze, that's your soul trying to escape. Saying god bless you crams it back in. And when you die, it squirms out and flies away!
Bart: What if you die in a submarine at the bottom of the ocean.
Milhouse: Oh, it can swim, it's even got wheels, incase you die in the desert and have to drive to the cemetary.
Bart: You know Milhouse?
Milhouse: Yeeeeeesssss!
Bart: Maybe you're getting tired of that soul, huh?
Milhouse: Nooooooooooo!
Bart: Suppose someone wanted to buy it from you...
Milhouse: Oh! You wanna buy it back, Bart? Sure.. no problem! Fifty bucks!
Bart: WHAT!?
Milhouse: Who's stupid now, huh? (does a weirdo laugh)