8F04 Homer calls Milhouse a 4 eyes with a big nose When everyone talks about Milhouse's party, Bart says "What are they talking about?"
Milhouse says "Nuthin'...Hey look at that dog, isn't that something?" When Marge inroduces herself to Mrs Van Houten, she says "We met in the hospital when the children drank paint." Milhouse is on the see-saw all by himself.

8F21 Homer forgets to pick up Milhouse after the riot at the Spinal Tap Concert.

8F22 Milhouse falls in love with the new girl at school, Samantha Stankey, which her father doesn't approve of.

9F02 At the carnival, Milhouse sees a spookhouse. He goes inside, and a few seconds later, he comes out in a scouts uniform.

1F01 Milhouse's photo was on the milk carton before Smithers put the Bobo picture on it.

1F06 When Bart and Milhouse drank too much squishee, Milhouse got a dirty word shaved into the back of his head.

1F07 Milhouse realises he is a nerd when he sees his reflection in Barts new glasses.

1F08 Milhouse gets whacked in the face by a spinning microphone in Barts Casino. Milhouse attempts to make more than one cat come out of a hat, but he cant get the first cat in, as it keeps attacking his face.

1F14 Milhouse was crippled by Mr. Burns to inspire the football team. He hopes they win, becuase Mr. Burns said he'll be back.

1F16 At the auditions to become Mr. Burns' heir, Milhouse said "I have nothing to offer you but my love." Mr Burns replies "I specifically asked no geeks!", and Milhouse replies "But my mom thinks I'm cool" When Lisa auditions, Mr. Burns says "No Girls!". The camera flashes to Milhouse in drag, saying "So much for plan B!"

1F17 Bart somehow managed to get Milhouses face on Americas Most Wanted, now the FBI are chasing him all around Springfield. He eventually comes to a waterfall, where he is surrounded by FBI agents, so he jumps down.

1F22 When Bart breaks his leg, he wants people to sign his cast, but everyone is interested in the pool. Then Milhouse finally stops to write something. He writes "Milpool___"

2F02 Jimbo and the gang stick "QUIMBY" bumper stickers all over Milhouse, and he eventually cannot move or see. They stick him in a trolley and push him down a hill.

2F05 Milhouse was chosen to be the goalie for Apu's ice hockey team. Lisa knocks his teeth out with the puck, and Marge uses the teeth to show how dangerous ice hockey can really be.

2F12 Kirk Van Houten hires Krusty for Milhouses birthday party. However, this isn't the real Krusty, it is Homer in a Krusty suit, and Milhouse cant recognise him.

2F15 In the future when Milhouse and Lisa are on a date, he cries when Lisa says she doesn't plan to ever get married.

2F19 Milhouse is so excited when he learns the school has gone on strike, but when he gets home, his parents have hired a personal tutor to teach him at home. This leads him to be a super nerd.

2F22 Milhouse gets annoyed with Shelbyville on 2 seperate occasions. Once when the kids have their bags over one shoulder, and the other time was when the kids used the word "cool" Milhouse gets very annoyed and says "Why I could explode here!" and his face turns red.

3F08 Milhouse is annoyed that his parents sent him to a phsyciatrist, so he plays with all these buttons in a plane, making out he is killing them. He accidentaly pushes the eject seat button and he goes flying into a big bin.

3F17 Milhouse is having a ball learning about how crackers are made at the cracker factory, where Kirk works.

3F21 Homer drives past Milhouse when he was meant to take him to school. He says "Hey wait! I'm OK today! My mom brought me deodorant"

3F22 Milhouse impersonates sprinklers He runs out of the classroom at the start of school saying "Schools out! Up yours Krabappel!" Milhouse wont stop fidgeting in the car, so Bart tightens his straps on the seatbelt. The Dud in the Mystery Date game looks like Milhouse Homer keeps calling Milhouse "poindexter" Milhouse signs Lisas' yearbook saying "See you in the car, Love Milhouse"

3G01 Milhouse plays the "Waterworld" game, which costs heaps of money. The game ends up lasting two baby steps and the machine tells him to deposit the same amount of money. Instead of running off, like any normal human would do, he deposits the money.

3G02 In the past, it shows Homer and Marge having a meeting with a psychiatrist. He explains that Bart can't get along in the new school because of his homosexual tendancies. Marge says "BARTS GAY!?!?" and the man says, "Bart? oh sorry, I've got the wrong file". The file reads "Milhouse Van Houten" Milhouse has to drink Soy Milk, plain milk could kill him Milhouse laughs at Barts fart noises and Milk comes out of his nose

3G03 Milhouse is seen playing Cowboys and Indians. Milhouse is the cowboy, and a long ball of Marges' hair comes flying past him.

3G04 Milhouse gets an earring, which leads everyone in the class to get one. He also reveals he thinks Marge is hot.

4F01 *Scene*
CLASS: Lisa Loves Nelson
MILHOUSE: She Does Not!
CLASS: Milhouse loves Lisa
JANEY: He Does Not!
CLASS: Janey loves Milhouse
UTER: She Does Not!
CLASS: Uter loves Milhouse
MR LARGO: Nobody loves Milhouse, Lisa you've got detention! Milhouse likes Vaseline on toast

When Milhouse hears that Lisa likes Nelson, he asks what she thinks about him. Lisa says that Milhouse is more like a big sister to her, so she gets him to deliver a letter to Nelson. The letter says "Guess who likes you" and when Nelson turns around, Milhouse is winking at him. The next time we see Milhouse, he is being wheeled out of the school on a medical bed.

4F04 Kirk and Luanne split up, which turns Kirk into a wreck, and Luanna starts dating an American Gladiator. Milhouse gets treated better by his mother.

4F05 Homer says that Milhouse is one of those nerdy kids your son brings home and makes you talk to him.

4F09 Bart gets Milhouse to cheat in Pin the tale on the donkey, but Bart leads him into a cactus. He stops before the cactus and throws up in the bouncy castle. Principal Skinner swaps Barts report with Milhouses to bribe him into not telling the kids about Edna and Seymours relationship.

4F12 Nelson plays around with Milhouses voting switch Milhouse thinks you should win stuff by watching Itchy and Scratchy.

4F16 Milhouse reminds Bart of a time when Santas Little Helper ate his fish, and Bart said he never had a fish. "But why did I have the bowl bart? Why did I have the bowl?"

4F19 Milhouse is worried about the danger signs on the platform Bart and himself are swinging on. Bart throws them out the window, whych makes him feel better. Milhouse was night watchman for the factory, it fell down while he was watching it.

4F24 Milhouse admits that he has lice.

5F01 At the riot at the soccer game, it shows Nelson bending Milhouses leg back and fourth with him in pain. Bart uses the gun on Milhouse for a William Tell scene. Milhouse starts making dinner for Homer

5F02 THE HOMEGA MAN: Kirk Van Houten is the dead guy in the car in front of Homer.

5F03 Milhouse keeps kicking Bart in the groind to test if his cup was working. Milhouse made the team but is a wimp. When Bart tries to throw the ball to him, he says "Please Bart! No!!" When Homer cuts Bart off the team, he says "You too Milhouse," and Milhouse shouts "YEAH" while ripping the cup out from his pants.

5F06 Kirks arm gets chopped off in Snakes trap for Homer.

5F11 Milhouses Grapefruit causes the Bus to fly off the edge of a bridge. Milhouse eats all of the food, and continuously says there is a monster on the island.

5F14 Milhouse was in the photo booth taking a photo of his chest and his muscles.

5F15 Milhouse is the reporter on the Kidz Newz program in which he tells people what to do if they have wet the bed. He sounds like he has had experience with it himself.

5F24 Milhouse appears in the "Springfield Springfield" song