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5F07: Miracle On Evergreen Terrace
SEASON NINE :: 10 Quotes
Homer: Attention shoppers, register nine is now open for your shopping convenience...sorry these are for display only, this has been recalled, ooh, Bart would like this! We're outta these 
Lady: Out, but i jus... 
Homer: Register nine is now closed....heheheee 
miracle1.mp3    110kb 

Lisa: Bart, did you hear that? 
Bart: Could it be? 
:Homers reindeer fall off the roof
Bart/Lisa: Aaaaahhhh! 
Homer: (falls) Nyaaaaah! 
Bart/Lisa: Hahaha! 
miracle2.mp3    107kb 

Bart: Its Craptacular! 
miracle3.mp3    11kb 
Bart: 12 glasses of water, that'll wake me up nice and early. Then I'll have a big head start on opening presents. Pure genius 
miracle4.mp3    55kb 
Bart: Dear Santa, if you bring me lots of good stuff, I promise not to do anything bad between now, and when I wake up, amen. :hits his elbow on bed side: Ow! I'll kill you! 
miracle5.mp3    84kb 
Marge: Huuuh! What happened? 
Homer: Wha...ti..wi..lo....where's Christmas? Lisa, where's Christmas? 
miracle6.mp3    62kb 
Marge: Looks like the Flanders are having a good Christmas 
Homer: Oh yeah, we'll show im. C'mon kids, pretend we got new cross country ski's! 
miracle7.mp3    55kb 

Milhouse: Hey look what I got, Bart, a Tickle Me Krusty! 
Doll: (Krusty laugh) Hey kid, get your finger outta there! 
(Homer throws a snowball at him) 
miracle8.mp3    56kb 

Barney: Hey Homer, look, your house is on TV 
Homer: You take that back Barney 
miracle9.mp3    36kb 

Orphan: Your story made everyone at the Orphanage sooo saad. We wan't you to have this dollar we were saving. 
Bart: Please, I don't deserve this! 
miracle10.mp3    66kb 

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