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9F19: Krusty Gets Kancelled
SEASON FOUR :: 14 Quotes
Rainier: My son returns from a fancy east coast college and I'm horrified to find he's a nerd.
Kent: Hahah, I'm laughing already.
Rainier: It's not a comedy.

Gabbo: You're gonna like me,
You're gonna love me,
'Cause I can do most anything.
I can do the hully gully,
I can imitate Vin Scully!
(spoken) Let's take time out from that triple play for this message from Farmer Dan's Pure Pork Sausages! Mmm, mmm...
I'll give out shiny dimes,
I'll travel back in time!
Dolls: You're gonna like him,
You're gonna love him,
It's the greatest show in to-ow-ow-ow-own! Gabbo!
Krusty: Here's the deal. Every time you watch my show, I will send you... forty dollars!
Voice: Checks will not be honored.
Gabbo: :prank calls Krusty the Clown:
Krusty: If this is anyone other than Steve Allen, you're stealing my bit!
Crazy Old Man: Old Grey Mare she aint what she used to be, aint what she used to be, aint what she used to be.

Barney: We want Chilly Willy!
Bart: Hey Moe, look over there.
Moe: What, what am I lookin' at, I don't see nothing. I'm gonna stop looking soon. What. What is that it?
Homer: Hey Moe can I look too.
Moe: Sure but it'll cost you.
Homer: My wallet's in the car.
Moe: He is so stupid. And now back to the wall.
Pimple Kid: Here's your taco mister. Oops I dropped it in the fryer. I'll get it out. Ow. Oooow! Ooow! Oow!
Krusty: Here when you say "what I got, you gotta get, and put it in you", how bout just, What i'd like is I'd like to hug and kiss you.
Krusty: Send in the clowns, those taffy, laughy clowns. Send in those soulful and doleful Schmaltz-by-the-bowlful clowns. Send in the clowns
Mel: They're already here.
I love you Krusty.
Krusty: Quiet!
Krusty: Give me a bigger lolly!
Bette Midler: Did you ever known that tou're my hero? You're everything i would like to be.
Krusty: You can fly higher than an eagle.
Bette/Krusty: Cause I/you are/am the wind beneath my/your wings.
Wiggum: Don't snap my undies.

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