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FABF02: 'Tis The Fifteenth Season
Krusty: Happy Christmas from the entire Channel Six family. Including Kent Brockman, who's contractually permitted to replace himself with a cardboard cutout. The real Kent is in a rehab clinic. We all wish him the best. Again.
Kent: Now in the spirit of the season, start shopping! And for every dollar of Krusty merchandise you buy, I will be nice to a sick kid. For legal purposes, sick kids may include hookers with a cold.

Lenny: Who's my secret Santa?
Carl: I think It's Homer.
Homer: Oh, yes, I am, your present is right in the other room. :runs in other room: Come on machine, take my dollar. Fine, we'll play it your way :attacks machine: Here you go Lenny. May the spirit of resin be with you all year long, god bless god, amen.
Carl: You're the most selfish man I know.
Homer: Oh come on, Mr. Burns is way more selfish. That evil old bonebag. Smelling of death, nose like a vulture, followed everywhere by that kiss-ass Smithers.
Burns: Yes, that describes Kathy from personnell to a t.
Homer: Can I get anything for this Joe DiMaggio baseball card. It's kinda old.
Comic Book Guy: I'm sorry, but I'm afraid your card is only worth... EVERYTHING I'VE GOT! EVERYTHING! TAKE IT! Oh no. I've smudged it with nacho figures. I must deftly lick it off. Deftly.
Homer: Thankyou! Freak.
Song: Christmas Prunes
Yeah! Oh Pruny night, the stars are sweetly wrinkled, We are the fruit, that your grandmother loves. Yeah.
Lisa: This is offensive to christians and prunes.
Marge: Lets shop till we droop.
Lisa: I think that's drop..
Marge: That's a very violent image, Lisa.
Bart: Awesome, I'm blasting all the state capitals! Take that, Salem Oregon! Wait a minute, this game is educational :throws controller: That'll teach you to teach me!
Announcer: Now lets downshift to the holiday spirit with Christmas convoy.
Song: Christmas Convoy
Man: Star shone bright, that silent night, ninety miles out of manger town. All the gold and myrrh and frankincense, three kings, put the hammer down!
Girls: 'Cause we've got a Christmas Convoy, aint she a beautiful thing? We've gotta roll this truckin' convoy, to see the newborn king. Convoy!
Marge: Homer is there something you're not telling us?
Astrolabe: It is 6:31pm in Montreal. The moon is waxing tonight.
Marge: What's that?
Uh, woohoo! Maggie's talking!
Lisa: No dad, this time you were just plain selfish!
Astrolabe: I am not returnable! :Homer cries: I will be testing my smoke alarm for the next three hours. :Homer cries:
Homer: I don't need her! I've got you astrolabe!
Astrolabe: Columbia's main export is 'coffee'
Homer: Exactwyyyy.
Announcer: And now, back to Mr. McGrew's Christmas Carol.
Homer: Mr. McGrew? I love that blind senile old man!
Abe: I can't find my way back to the home!
Homer: I heard you the first five times!
Homer: Unloved by Al? Nooooooooooooo! Unloved by all? Noooo!

Spirit: Reform Ebaneezer Urkel. You have alienated everyone who loved you.
Urkel: Did I do thaaat?
:Followed by Star Trek parody:

Homer: I'll be the nicest man in town.
Marge: You've made that promise before!
Homer: Yes, but this time I'm sober... ish.

Bum: These pants smell worse than my old pants..
Homer: You're welcome!

Homer: Listen, Lenny, I know I was a pretty bad Secret Santa. So I wanted to make it up to you.
Lenny: Wow, a photocube with pictures of us!
Homer: And I've filed down all the sharp corners. See, your eye is completely safe.
Lenny: Oh wow, It just stings a little.

Homer: I'm not looking for glory or wealth. I'm just buying that stairway to heaven Jesus sang of.
Ned: That was Led Zeppelin!
Homer: Get back to your bong, hippy!

Todd: Daddy, are you jealous of brother Homer?
Ned: Eh, maybe just a tad, Todd.
Rod: I'm jealous of girls 'cause they get to wear dresses.
Ned: One problem at a time, boy!

Homer: Here's your skates! Oh, you'll have to take off those boots.
Bum: Uh, those are my feet.

Ned: I'm gonna be the nicest man this world has ever seen.... be-- :Looks at photo of Jesus: I said man, not man-god! Keep your pants on.

Seymour: You're actually giving everyone in town a Christmas present?
Agnes: What's your angle, pervert!?
Ned: My angle is giving in this world, living in the next.
Seymour: How can you afford all this on a widowers salary.
Ned: Well, actually I've picked up some extra cash renting out my house to a fraternity.
Rod: Stay out of our medicine cabinet!

Bart: Cool! Mr. Flanders gave me a Krusty brand Operation game.
Krusty: Uuuuh you just tweezered my wang!

Song: Homer Steals Christmas
You're a hero; Homer Jay
You're as crafty as a skunk.
They'll thank you in the morning, for stealing Flanders junk,
Homer Jay. You're a double bacon genius burger,
And just a little drunk!

Snake: Oh I've been robbed! Man, so this is how it feels. I'd better see my shrink and rob his ass!

Nelson: Someone snuck in and took our presents! :gasp: Do you think it was papa!?
Mrs. Muntz: I wouldn't put it past him. He stole my gold tooth the night he left.
Nelson: He didn't leave. He went to the store! And when he comes back I'll wave those Pop Tarts right in your face!

Cookie: Give back our presents, stupid man!
Tatum: Your behaviour is just like, it's like not sanctioned by any Governing body, you're like, wild!

Homer: Wait a minute everyone! There's your Christmas, up there! :points to large Star in the sky:
Selma: It's a miracle!
Moleman: That's my last flare! Somebody better come soon. :wolves are heard: Oh thank goodness, rescue dogs!

Bart: What a great Christmas. Not even Moe's annual suicide attempt can ruin it.
Wiggum: I aint got all day, drama queen. Get it over with.
Moe: I will! And then you'll all wish you was nicer to me. Ah who am I kidding, I aint gonna jump.
Everyone: Hark the herald angels sing, glory to the new born king...
Moe: Peace on earth that mercy mild
Everyone: God and sin are reconciled.
Astrolabe: Today is the birthday of our lord Jesus Christ and singer Barbera Mantrell. Merry Christmas!

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