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DABF15: Little Girl In The Big Ten
Lugash: For next exercise, put hands on hips, jump out window, and go tell parents to STOP WASTING TIME WITH FAILURE CHILD!
Girl: :bursts into tears:
Kennedy: Good luck Lisa.
Lisa: Thanks, I'll see you in heaven.
Kennedy: Err.. yes, heaven.

Lisa: Ich bin ein Gymnast!
Homer: Aww, she must have dreamt about Hitler again.
Abe: A laughy meal for you, and a nostalgia meal for me. Oh boy this takes me back. Two ration stamps, and an artilery shell full of olio.
Bart: What's your nostalgia prize, grampa?
Abe: Liberace action figure.
Liberace: Party tonight at Ronnie McDowells. Ooohoo.
Lugash: Relax. Think of floor as full of snakes. You fall, they KILL YOU. Relax, relax, and.. SNAKES!
Lugash: You girls were all great, cats back for everyone.
Girl: I had a dog.
Lugash: Is cat now!
Carrie: Aren't you in college?
Lisa: Uh.. of course! Where do you think I go, baby school?
Ralph: Seeya tomorrow, Lisa. We find out what five minus three is!
Lisa: Um.. I'm in teacher's aid in a very special class.
Ralph: No Lisa, we're both in--
Lisa: Go! Go! Go!
Lisa: Wow, I'm actually passing as a college student. And they don't have a Blue's clue! Whoops. Gotta age it up. Life sucks.
Tina: Totally.
Lisa: I um, share a house with a couple of girls, couple of guys.
Carrie: Guys, huh? Are they cute?
Lisa: Well, Bart's kinda--- NO!
Homer: :singing Chumbawumba's Tubthumping: I get knocked down! I get knocked down again! You are never gonna knock me down.
Tina: Woah, party house!
Homer: :smashes window: Hey, where's my keg?
Lisa: Mom's not going to like that.
Tina: Who's mom?
Lisa: Umm, that's what we call the gay guy who lives with us.
Homer: :singing Tubthumping: I take a whiskey drink, I take a chocolate drink, and when I have to pee, I use the kitchen sink! I sing the song that reminds me I'm a urinating guy.
Lisa: I'll see you tomorrow.
Marge: I knew it was serious when he said he didn't want ice cream.
Bart: I did want ice cream!
Marge: Well, your father ate it all.
Carrie: I love her, she's a total free spirit.
Tina: She'd have to be, where she lives. That place had a Manson family vibe.
Carrie: Yeah well I live in a dorm without a DSL line.
Tina: Freaky.

Homer: :gives Bart a bath: That is called parenting!

Lisa: Oh my god, my social studies project is due tomorrow morning! :runs home quickly:
Robert Pinsky: Hey, did she put in for the pizza?

Lisa: :sleeps:
Ralph: You're like my mommy after a big box of wine.

Nelson: Give me your lunch money.
Wendell: But it's after lunch!
Nelson: It's just an expression. Like, kick your butt could involve no kicking whatsoever.

Nelson: That's it, Simpson. I'm gonna kick you right in the ball.

Teacher: So what does this cartoon mean?
Student: It shows how the depletion of our natural resources has pitted our small farmers against each other.
Teacher: Yes, and birds go tweet, what else?

Carrie: Lisa, did you lie to us.
Lisa: I just wanted to belong. For once I felt I was with intellectual equals.
Tina: I can't believe I cheated off an eight year old.

Carrie: She's worse than that 80 year old who pretended to be a freshman.
Hans Moleman: I just wanted a place to sit down.

Marge: College is no place for a young girl, with those quadrangles, and study carols, and syllabi!

Lisa: Doogie Howser went to college when he was my age.
Homer: Against my wishes!

Lisa: But the atmosphere was so stimulating, It was a buzzling marketplace of ideas.
Marge: Oh, and this kitchen isn't?
Lisa: Well..
Marge: I put those Cathy's on the fridge for you. I don't even like them. They've gotten so smutty.
Homer: Oh sure, if a man does it it's smutty, but if a woman did it--
Marge: Homer, Cathy is a woman.
Homer: Oh come on, he...... you're right.

Lisa: What are you guys doing?
Janey: We're going to roll down the hill.
Lisa: Can I come with you?
Milhouse: I don't know. Are you sure you're not too college for us?
Janey: Yeah, sorry we can't be more college.
Nelson: Hey Einstein, what's a million plus a million?
Lisa: Two million.
Nelson: So?

Willie: Don't let 'em get to you, lass. I'm too good for this place too. Now run home to your shack.
Lisa: I live in a house!
Willie: Well la-di-da, college girl! Well I guess you're too good for me too!

Lisa: I know just how you feel. Isolated, alone, cut off from everyone.
Bart: Are you kidding? This little baby has made me more popular than ever.
Lenny: Hey, Bubble boy! Lookin' good!
Carl: Call me!

Agnes: I've got a question! How dare you wear white! I hear what you do at night.
Seymour: Security!

Bart: Sure is sunny. Was the air always this fresh? I'm just gonna hang out in this vent. Ah. Does this thing suck, or blow? SUUUUUUCK..

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