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CABF13: Simpson Safari
SEASON TWELVE :: 14 Quotes
Bart: I need this candy for school, candy class..
Homer: Well okay, but get five bags in case we eat four on the way home.
Lisa: My teacher said I need cupcakes. Cupcakes to learn.
Homer: In the cart.
Bart: I'm out of wine...
Homer: Cart.
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Dr. Hibbert: I've never heard of a baby swallowing a magazine before. And i'm a doctor!
Marge: I don't know if it matters... but it was a "Time" magazine. Does that matter?
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Agnes: And you, start over. I want everything in one bag.
Pimple Faced Kid: Yes, ma'am!
Agnes: But I don't want the bag to be heavy.
Pimple Faced Kid: I don't think that's possible!
Agnes: What are you, the possible police? Just do it!
Homer: Hurry up, I can't stand here jabbing you all day!
Bag Boy: Please, ow, stop, ow! Bag boys have feeling too, you know!
Homer: No you don't!
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Homer: Oooh the bag boys are on strike, oooh I'm shaking!
Store Owner: Mr. Simpson please, will you go home?
Homer: If I can have this rubber stick!
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Homer: And on my free African Safari I want to do everything on this box! I want to shoot a Lion in the face, fight Muhammed Ali, and ride in a convertable with two happy zebras.
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Homer: On the plane, I'm going to need two seats.... for the twins..
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Lady: Attention passengers. Please prepare for our landing in Tanzanire. I'm sorry, it is now called New Zanzibar. Excuse me, it is now called Pepsi Presents New Zanzibar.
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Katange: Good night. And don't let the bed bugs paralyze!
Marge: Homie, did you remember to tip Katange?
Katange: No he did not!
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Lisa: Wait, Rhino's don't come from eggs!
Homer: What did you just see, Lisa?
Lisa: I know, bu..
Homer: What did you just see?
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[ Katange sings an African song in the car. He tells Homer to continue singing, Homer makes up his own lyrics ]
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Homer: Pff, I've got more bones than that guy, if you're trying to impress me you've failed!
Katange: It's not the number of bones, sir it's the..
Homer: You.. have.. failed!
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Marge: Oh no! It's eating us!
Homer: Not a chance!
Bart: Wow, dad, how did you do that?
Homer: It's a flower...
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Homer: So I notice your home smells of Faeces..
Joan: Yes...
Homer: And not just monkey faeces either..
Joan: Could we talk about something else?
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Joan: Every morning I get up at 5:30, watch the chimps, eat a quick lunch of roots and water, then more chimp watching. After dark I come home and think about chimps until it's time for bed.
Homer: You must be the most boring woman on earth.
Joan: Possibly, but..
Homer: I mean, I knew scientists wasted their life but geez!
Marge: Homer!
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