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CABF04: Homer Vs. Dignity
SEASON TWELVE :: 12 Quotes
Marge: Now that our son is an honour student, I'm going to get a bumper sticker that informs strangers of that fact!
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Skinner: Ah, headlice inspection day. While the kids are out getting their nits picked we can have our own private cootie call.
Edna: You talk too much. Let's do it on Martin's desk!
Skinner: It is usually the cleanest.
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Song: The Simpsons sing 'La Bomba'
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Homer: Fine! You want passion.. I'll give you passion!
:singing passionately: Bluuuue Spanish eyes. Teardrops are falling from your Spanish eyes!
dignity4.mp3    104kb
Lisa: Dad, what happened to the back seat?
Homer: I had to sell it for gas money :the car stops: which I spent on a novelty horn!
dignity5.mp3    77kb
Consultant: You haven't set aside anything for the future!
Chief Wiggum: Ah, you know how it is with cops. I'll get shot three days before retirement. In the business we call it retirony.
Consultant: What if you don't get shot?
Chief Wiggum: What a terrible thing to say! Ah look, you made my wife cry!
dignity6.mp3    99kb
Consultant: Now, I'd like my fee please..
Homer: :write's a note:
Consultant: I know you're not a deaf mute, Mr. Simpson. We've been talking for the last 20 minutes.
dignity7.mp3    82kb 
Mr. Burns: What is this? Some kind of force field around these vegetables!
Homer: That's the sneeze guard. You have to lean under it to get salad or sneeze on stuff.
dignity8.mp3    55kb 
Mr. Burns: Hurl this (pudding) at THAT (lenny)
Homer: At Lenny, but he's a war hero!
Mr. Burns: Well lets decorate him, then.
Homer: No!
Mr. Burns: Not even for... four dollars!?
Homer: :hurls it:
Lenny: Ow! My eye, I'm not supposed to get pudding in it!
Mr. Burns: Ahaha, that was capital! My lung is aching.
Homer: I like when I threw the pudding!
Mr. Burns: Do it again! I'll make it an even eight.
Homer: You're the boss :hurls another:
Lenny: Ow! I'm in hell!
dignity9.mp3    187kb 
Mr. Burns: Let's keep the laugh's coming eh, Simpson? Let's say I make you my executive in charge of recreation. No, better yet.. my prank monkey!
Homer: Will you keep giving me money?
Mr. Burns: I can't have my little monkey running around in rags!
Homer: Woohoo! :hurls another pudding, at Carl:
Carl: HEY!
Mr. Burns: What are you doing, man!? That's Carl!
dignity10.mp3    128kb 
Bart: Wanna rehearse, dad?
Homer: I don't need to rehearse! HO HO HO, Merry... line
Bart: Christmas..
Homer: Huh? Lemme see that!
dignity11.mp3    67kb 
Homer: Ho Ho Ho! Merry everyone!
dignity12.mp3    24kb

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