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BABF07: Grift Of The Magi
SEASON ELEVEN :: 17 Quotes
Kent: Residents are advised to stay inside unless you wear sunscreen or are very very hairy. Experts recommend a class 9 or Robin Williams level of hair coverage.
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Bart: Oh, I am sooo bored.
Milhouse: I can't wait till we're teenagers. Then we'll be happy.
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Bart: Alright! Silly string. Haha. You're Milhouse.
Milhouse: Who wets their bed now, huh? Milhouse!
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Bart/Milhouse: :singing: Sisters are doing it for themselves!
Homer: Hey, why is this door locked?
Bart: Oh no, it's dad!
Homer: What's goin on! And I want a non-gay explanation!
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Skinner: Good lord, do we really need all those ramps?
Fat Tony: Who's to say? Does a peacock need all those feathers?
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Marge: What will become of our kids?
Homer: Where are the refreshments?
Skinner: Now you keep asking me that, and I keep telling you, over there!
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Skinner: As for the school, we are exploring various options to raise the 200 thousand dollars we need.
Flanders: I've got a motor-home I never use, maybe we should raffle it off?
Homer: Maybe you should shut up.
Flanders: Oh.. kay.
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Teacher: I'm gonna find out what you really love in life, and teach to that. What are you passionate about, partner?
Bart: Boogers!
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Bart: You know what our homework is? Find a toy and bring it to class!
Marge: Boy, that sounds fun!
Bart: I know, but I'm still not going to do it!
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Ralph: Fun toys are fun!
Teacher: Well said, Ralph! But we're trying to come up with a name for a toy.
Janey: Mrs. Fun?
Teacher: Not bad..
Ralph: Fun?
Teacher: Ralph, there are no right or wrong answers, but if you don't pipe down I'm giving you an F.
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Chief Wiggum: This better be important, Lisa. I left Ralphie alone in the bathtub..
Ralph: Daddy, I'm ready to get out now, over!
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Homer: Uh, is this going to be like one of those horror movies where we open the door and everything's normal and we think you're crazy but then there really is a killer robot and the next morning you find me impaled on the weather vane? Is that what this is, Lisa?
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Lisa: I don't understand, I could swear it was right here.
Chief Wiggum: Yeah right, mop top, and I'm Ed Sullivan. :clears throat: Really big shoe... uh.. No wait I can do it better... :perfect impersonation: Really big shoe... really big! That's it.
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Guy: How did you get past Gary Coleman?
Bart: Lets just say he's a few prongs short of a Galaxy.
Ms. Nagel: I'm sorry Gary, there's no longer a place for you here.
Gary Coleman: Watchu talkin' bout Ms. Nagel?
Ms. Nagel: That is so adorable! You're re-hired!
Gary Coleman: Sucker! I knew exactly what she was talking about.
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Ms. Nagal: But hey, we did screw you a little so, here's a free Funzo!
Bart: Deal! Naha!
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Bart: Hey, why is it destroying other toys.
Lisa: They must have programmed it to eliminate the competition.
Bart: You mean like Microsoft?
Lisa: Exactly.
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Homer: My wife always makes too much stuffing and sweet potatoes and all and oh heck, would you like to spend Christmas with us?
Gary Coleman: No way! I'm having Christmas at George Clooney's house!
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