Nancy's Life As A Ten Year Old Boy
June 2006: Talks to Nancy Cartwright during her promotional visit to Australia in which she performed her show My Life As A Ten Year Old Boy.

It's The Hottest Ticket In Town!
June 2005: Goes behind the scenes of a recent table read for Season 17. Speaks to Yeardley Smith about what goes on and her time with the show.

Looking Forward From 350
May 2005: Matt Groening discusses whether his cast and crew can chalk up another 350 episodes. Also discusses the postponed Catholic episode.

Moral Backlash On Gay Simpsons
February 2005: Published after There's Something About Marrying aired in America. Discusses the controversy which followed the airing of the episode.

Dysfunctional Family Man

January 2005: Article discusses the appeal of the show, with comments from webmaster Adam Wolf (why, that's me, folks) and collector Nathan Mustet.

Homer's Where The Heart Is
November 2004: On the eve of the Season 15 finale, TV Guide looks at the success of the show from its early days to the future, a movie and the possibility of 20 seasons.


Cult Classic Rolls On
August 2004: Talks to Matt Groening about the success of the show and being in an ep.

Awaiting The Simpsons Movie
March 2004: Will The Simpsons Movie be worth the wait? The author investigates...

Homer Heading For New Record
May 2003: Exclusively goes behind the scenes with writer & producer Matt Selman.

Family Favourites
April 2003: The Simpsons approaches 300 episodes. Why do viewers contine to love it?

The Family That Never Grew Up
June 2002: Al Jean talks The Simpsons & problems associated with sitcoms.

Simpsons Are Going To College
December 2001: Michigan College students can now study The Simpsons with a course.

Simpsons Road Rage: Review
December 2001: EZY Magazine reviews The Simpsons: Road Rage for the Playstation 2.

Digital Revolution Gathers Pace
December 2001: The Simpsons have made history being part of the digital revolution.

Cyber Thriller
December 2001: The Simpsons are hitting the IMAX big screen in a 3D adventure.

Love Affair With Homer
October 2001: Dan Castellaneta talks to TV Plus about his beginnings with the show.

Gamble Pays Off
March 2001: The Simpsons have hit 250 episodes. Lets take a look at the history.

Simpsons Vs. Malcolm In Middle
February 2001: Compares Simpsons characters to Malcolm In The Middle's.

Dead Funny
May 2000: Explains why the character of Maude Flanders was killed off.

Homer Hailed As Ideal Father
November 1999: Homer a role model for modern fathers? Psychology experts say so.

Dan A Man Of Many Parts
1999: Talks about Dan Castellaneta's claim to fame, voicing over thirty characters.

Hollywood Gossip
1999: Simpsons Spin-Off plan revealed in this weekly gossip column.

End In Sight For Simpsons
1999: Mike Scully refutes misinterpretations about the show's end.

D'oh! It's Just A Name
1999: A short article about Matt Groening's children's names.

Animator Draws Fans
1998: Animator David Silvermans visit to Australia attracted more fans than expected

The D'oh Must Go On
1998: A report on the Simpsons leading up to the 200th episode. With Yeardley Smith.

Duff Beer Bonanza
1998: South Australia's own Duff Beer is now worth up to $10,000 a carton.

Voice Behind The Simpsons
1996: How does Harry Shearer cope with doing over 100 different voices on the show?

Why Simpsons Are Flying High
1996: Animation director David Silverman talks about the history of The Simpsons.

Man Who Created The Simpsons
1996: Explores Matt Groening's history of being a cartoonist and the show.

Nancy & Yeardley Draw Selves
1996: They provide the voices of Bart and Lisa, but can they DRAW them? Let's see!

I'm Nancy, Who The Hell Are You?
1996: TV Hits interview Nancy Cartwright, the female voice behind Bart Simpson.

Lisa Simpson Vs. Australia
1995: TV Hits interview Yeardley Smith with her thoughts on ' Bart Vs. Australia'.

Who Shot Hated Mr. Burns?
1995: Matt Groening talks about keeping the ending to 'Who Shot Mr. Burns' secret.

Bart The Brat Comes Down Under
1995: How will Australia react after the airing of the episode Bart Vs. Australia?

Homer's Odyssey
1995: Dan Castellaneta talks about the unexpected success of The Simpsons.

Bart Talks To TV HITS
1995: "Bart Simpson" talks to TV HITS in this fictional factpiece.

Homer Speaks To TV HITS
1993: What do these two guys have in common? They're both Homer Simpson!


Devoting your life to what you love and following your passion is the secret to success. That's the motto voice-actor Nancy Cartwright has lived by and it has served her well. For 25 years, Cartwright has worked as a voice-actor and though she's voiced many characters, her best-known work is as Bart Simpson, in the hit show The Simpsons.

Cartwright dreamed of being a successful voice-actor from an early age. In Australia recently where she performed her one-woman show My Life as a Ten-year-old Boy, Cartwright says some people can take television a little too seriously.

"This show really isn't anything more than just a light hearted trip to Springfield via Nancy Cartwright,"

Cartwright says her fans helped develop the idea. "Fans would write me letters asking all sorts of questions so I started answering them," she says. "It was happening so frequently that in 1995 I decided to write a book. The one-woman show has come from that. It has just been a really cool evolution."

Combining her experience as a guest lecturer with her book created the basis of her show. "It's a supersized, super-enhanced version of the lecture," she says.

At universities all over the US, Cartwright encourages young people to stick to what they love, even if it's not their job. "When I do lectures I say: 'Here's the deal... you have to do what you love... seek your passion, or at least make sure that you have an outlet for it'," she says.

The happily married mother of two appreciates the fact that she's doing what she loves but says she's "spinning a few too many plates right now" and looking forward to some time at home. "I want to just focus on my family community," she says. "I'm looking forward to doing the show and then when I come home embarking on another journey."

And what does the future hold for the family from Springfield? "That remains to be seen, but they signed us on for two more seasons and we're only six shows into this one, so we'll see."

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