Adam Wolf
Since 1997, Adam has put his free time into his dedication to what he believes is one of the most enjoyable shows on television. He started the site at the age of 12, and is the sole designer and maintainer of the site. The humble beginnings of this website has lead Adam into a career in web development and digital marketing.

Q: Can you please put me in an episode/use my idea/show more.../give me Bart's email address?
A: I am not involved with the creation of the show. I am a fan just like you and your english teacher. I don't have contacts with anybody from the show, and certainly don't know the email address of a cartoon character.

Q. Can I get a job at your site?
A: If I said 'yes' to everybody, the staff at LETS here would be beyond 100. While this would mean more productivity and a bigger site, it would not be my site anymore. Working on a site alone is a great sense of achievement. While I've had helpers in the past, I've taken a vow to keep LETS under my own belt. Content donations however, are welcome.

Q. What program do you use to make your graphics/website?
A: Graphics are made in Paint Shop Pro and Adobe Photoshop. The images in the image gallery are traced using a combination of the straight, bezier, and freehand line tools in Paint Shop Pro. My website is coded with Dreamweaver 8 and Notepad for more control. Thumbnails for framegrabs are produced with EasyThumbnails.

Q. Your design is awesome! Can you make one for me?
A: If you're interested in my designs and would like me to make something for you, you must be prepared to pay full business rates. If you are a small company or project and wish for me to design something for you, email me and we'll discuss rates. If you want me to design a Simpsons site, chances are I'll be asking too much money.

Q. Can I take one of your unused designs?
A: Sorry, no. While you're free to get inspiration from them, please do not do anything more than look at them and think about what could have been.

Q. Can I host some of your images on my site?
A: Yes, within reason. You may use them freely on your designs or features but do not create image galleries containing my images. If you do use them show your respect and link back to us. If you directly link to our images they will show up as broken images with the exception of posting them on

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» History Of Last Exit To Springfield
Last Exit To Springfield started way back on March 17th, 1997. We are celebrating our tenth year online in 2007.

The site has gone by four different names, 'The Simpsons Extravaganza', 'The Aussie Simpsons Extravaganza', 'The Simpsons Down Under', and our current title, 'Last Exit To Springfield'. The site is and always has been a solo project by Adam Wolf, what started as a 12 year old's hobby has become something so popular that I'd have a mutiny on my hands if the site closed. Last Exit To Springfield's traffic is currently at its peak, reaching between 2500 - 3000 hits per day.

Our content has come a long way in the past ten years, being continuously updated and modified to give you a site that is worth returning to. We hope to continue to bring you a quality site for many years to come.

» Thanks To The Following People
R. Winograd, John Szymanowski, Chris Jean-Louis, Jan Selig for contributing their efforts pre-2001.

Brad Dugan, Eric Wirtanen, Nate Gilmore, Lee Kaldany, Nick Laws, Jukka Keskiaho, Bryan Ludvigsen, John Fiedler and others for their continued support and competition.

Chris Erice and Richard Hamilton from Smoovenet for providing us with quality hosting since 2001. Justin Trevena and John Fiedler, some previous hosts.

To all the dedicated visitors who have stuck with the site for years. Thankyou for helping keep my interest in the site alive.

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